I am passionate about translating what moves me into art through my wedding photography. I am moved by people’s stories. I am moved by the closeness and connection of family and its power to bring healing and wholeness. I am moved when people decide to make a covenant for life with one another because of love. I am moved by authenticity. I am moved by beautiful art that captivates the soul. I am moved by people who take big risks to pursue adventure and living their dreams. The couples I work best with are creative, out of the box, and passionate about love and all things artistic.


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What comes after marriage? The baby carriage of course! I love to continue working with couples after they tie the knot and begin their family together. These photos are precious artifacts documenting the moments that matter most, love and relationships. To me, these images are priceless. 



About the Artist

Meghan Incorvaia

I am a mother who lives free, a dreamer pursuing my passion for art, culture and adventure all while raising my two babes. My days are filled daydreaming of the perfect light and framing the prefect photo of every scene I pass by that moves me. Its a bit of an obsession. I am a San Diego native so being by the sea is where I feel most at home, however I adore adventuring anywhere in the globe!