The Artist Behind Rise Photo Co


Hey Loves! I’m Meghan Branlund, a dreamer who lives free, mama to my wild boy Cash and my whimsy love River. I love God, family & gourmet coffee, not it that order (juuuuust kidding)! I have over 10 years experience as a professional photographer. I have worked in the wedding industries of Santa Barbara, Hawaii and San Diego. I am a goofball at heart, my favorite movie since 4th grade has been Ace Ventura Pet Detective ;) Being a wanderer at heart I adore travel and have worked as a photographer in locations ranging from Brazil to Finland. Another fun fact is I come from a family of musicians and I have written and recorded music since the age of 21. I even named my first born son after Johnny Cash!

I am passionate about living the life that you dream of.


I get a high from being creative. I can't believe that I get to do this as a career. To me its an expression of my heart, not a job. When you go in front of my lens I ask something of you. I call forth beauty to rise up and let the world see you in all your glory. No walls please, no facades. Just be you. Your gorgeous precious one in a million self. That’s who I want to capture that’s who I am searching for like a fun treasure hunt. I want you to look at your photo and see all that you carry within. The magical secret garden you often keep hidden from the world. I want you to own it and let is SHINE. ✨I only have the power to do this because of my own journey to know my true worth, and finally embrace all my imperfections hang ups and quirks as the unique things that define me. I own all of my past life experiences— good and terrible, as the life lessons that have created character and strength in me I wouldn’t trade for the world. It’s my story and I want it to be yours to. Let’s rise together!